About Us


     Law publisher India Pvt. Ltd. is the leading publisher of law books in India, founded in 1961, thw company has been in the forefront of innovative publishing for nearly 40 years demonstrating the ability to yhe changing needs practitioners, judiciary & Intitutions.

     Over the years, the Law Publishers India (P) Ltd. name has become synonymous with publications of authority and quality, on the civil & criminal branch of law, by author of all India repute, many of which provide a foundation for the efficient conduct of lagal pracice.

     Law Publishers reputation has grown as the market has come to apperciate the reliability and currency of its publications.

     As a result, we currently meet the needs of over 100,000 legal practitioners, Police & Prosecution Personnel, Law college & central & state govenment, as well as members of the Bar, and the judiciary.

     Law Publiisher has now-established itself in the market of central Bare Acts and over the year has developed a range of nearly 300 central bare Acts with important Rules, popular for its updateness & amendments. This is the largest range held by any publisher in the country.